Friday, April 19, 2013

Submitted byPerla Gomez-Casas

1 white cake mix
1 chocolate cake mix
Oil, eggs, water as needed for cake mix
1 evaporated milk
1 condensed milk (lechera)
1 table cream or 1 cup of heavy cream
Cool whip
Fruit to decorate such as strawberry's, kiwis, mandarins, pecans

Make chocolate mix as instructed on box and put in 12"pan. Mix white cake mix as instructed and mix into the pan with chocolate mix. Mix with a spoon so it makes a swirl. Bake as instructed on box.
On a blender mix all three milks (evaporated, condensed, heavy cream) ***if desired u can add Kahlua or Baileys for an extra kick ***
Once cake is baked and cooled top with cool whip and decorate with fruit and nuts.. After baked poke holes on cake with fork and pour milk over till absorbed. then decorate refrigerate for about 20 min and serve. Enjoy:)

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